We take birthday parties pretty seriously around here.


When I was little my mom did an AWESOME job of going all out with perfectly designed party themes and decor. I really wish I could dig up some party photos from our birthday days but unfortunately Hurricane Katrina robbed us of most of them. My mom was a single mom for most of our childhood meaning there were times when we did without the extras, but she always made sure we had incredibly special birthdays and that is something I will always cherish and appreciate. She set the party bar high and I've had so much fun trying to live up to her party planning ways. 

I thought it would be fun to share some details and fun little video from Bowen's party this weekend. I also wanted to share what we did for his first and second party as well! I wasn't blogging then so I didn't really have a good space to share all the details! Get ready there are A  L O T of photos. I will start with year three and work my way down. I will also try to include outfit details and what I can remember for party vendor details!

Let me be the first to say I fully realize I go way overboard on parties and I am ok with that. I love party planning and decorating for my babes, I get to be in my element with this kind of thing. That being said, the party itself isn't what its about, its about celebrating their lives year after year! They may not remember all the details and that is ok, because all I really hope they will remember is that we love them and want to celebrate them as big as possible. 

This was supposed to be a more photo heavy content post, so I will stop talking now...


T H R E E  R E X.

Dino Theme for year three!

Cake and cupcakes: Taylor Massey 

Cookies: Didi's Fancy cookies

Photos: Me

|| Bowen's outfit || Overalls and shirt: Zara, Crown: Oeuf, Boots: Mikoleon 

|| Mera's Outfit|| Top/dress: Soor Ploom, Tights: Sawyer and Halle, Bow: Fourth and Pierce also at Row 10

|| My outfit || Top and shoes linked below Pants: George Mary's


T W O  T H E  M O O N.

Year two. 

Cake and cupcakes: Taylor Massey 

Cookies: Didi's Fancy cookies

Photos: Brittney Dowell

Moon mural and watercolors: Faith Bullard

Photo prints: Artifact Uprising 

|| Bowen's Outfit || Romper: Rylee and Cru, Shoes: Adelisa and co

|| My Outfit|| Dress: Deep South Pout, Shoes: similar pair linked below


W I L D  O N E.

Year one.

Cake and cupcakes: Taylor Massey 

Photos: Me

Photo prints: Artifact Uprising 

|| Bowen's Outfit || Romper: Rylee and Cru, Crown: Oeuf, shoes: Ullaviggo

|| My Outfit|| Dress: Deep South Pout, Shoes: similar pair linked below



If you made it this far, you are the real MVP. 



Bowen turned three today.

MKP_BOWEN (1 of 1)-13-2.jpg


I was just holding him in my arms for the first time, watching his daddy cry happy tears as he looked into his little eyes. That was just yesterday, right? RIGHT? I am not even sure how to handle these emotions. He is the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most loving child on earth. We are so proud of him.

This year was a big one for him, as he shifted from being an only child to being the big brother, and he has filled that role beautifully. Even though I was so incredibly excited to welcome Mera, I was still so nervous about adding to our little family and rocking his world completely. But, just like that, he transitioned into his new role more smoothly than I had ever thought possible. 

He constantly surprises us with his knowledge (like how he knows every single dinosaur species, most of which I can't even pronounce.. hello future paleontologist) and wit (funniest kid there is). His personality is big and contagious. When he smiles you have to smile (discipline is challenging at times here because he is smart and knows how to say just the right funny things when its time out time). 

He currently loves dinosaurs more than life, along with power rangers, but only the dino charge series because, well, dinosaurs. Dinosaur train (do you see a pattern here?) and tried and true Daniel Tiger. He loves to shout "AMEN!" at the end of prayer time (sometimes before the prayer is done- still working on that...) He loves music and he loves to dance (especially in the kitchen so he can shout at our Google Home "GOOKLE, pay moosic so we can dance!") His current favorite songs are "What a Beautiful Name" by Hillsong, the Power Rangers Dino Charge theme song, and Skillets "The Resistance" because (surprise, surprise) its the theme song on his favorite dinosaur video.

He is a great big brother and loves to help with and love on Mera Quinn. He loves when she is awake, saying "Mama, Daddy, Mewakin is openin hur eyes!!" He says the funniest things and I write them all down (Bowenisms, if you don't follow along on Facebook, you should bc they are comedic gold. Plan to make a few bowenism posts here soon as well). His favorite time of day is when daddy gets home from work. Even though I swore my children would never eat them, his current favorite food is a cherry pop tart (or as he calls them "bob carts". There is a funny Bowenism post to be read on this). He doesn’t like chocolate and he will still take fruit over candy any day (small victories, right?) 

We can not get enough of this kid. Just when I think I could not possibly love him more if I tried, tomorrow arrives and somehow I do. The Lord blesses us in ways we never thought possible through Bowen. While we love him more than anyone has ever loved anything, Jesus loves him EVEN MORE, and our prayer for him above all else is that he will choose to follow Jesus all the days of his life, putting Him first always. That is a hard prayer to pray sometimes, knowing Jesus could call him to the ends of the earth one day to spread the Gospel and His love. But still we pray it because we know that the most important thing in this world is to follow Jesus, wherever that takes us. 

Happy third birthday little love. This weekend, we will party the day away "Three- Rex" style with all your favorite things and people while I do my best not to cry the whole time. No promises. 


Here are some of our favorite "bowengrams" over the years and his year three video. 

|| Cute side note on the beginning clip, he is saying "It's BO BO TIME!" He used to call himself bo bo and we caught him saying this in his carseat one night. So, now it will forever be the start of every yearly videos, even when he is fifteen. ||

Hope you can watch without crying because Lord knows I can't. Good luck.




Finally joined the world of online blogging, because who doesn't want another mama blogger in their life, right?

But, let's be honest, the real reason is we have a major overflow of Bowen and Mera images that needed a home and I needed a space to share things- happy things, sad things, you are not alone things, look at my cute kids things. At first, it will be extremely simple and just a page on my business website, but will most likely move to its own home.. eventually.  

Expect lots of photo heavy content with the occasional long and meaningful write ups (and I have a feeling there will be several "I have no idea what I am doing, this is real life, send help" posts sprinkled in.) Also, links to outfits/products because people ask and its what you do, right? 

I can't promise posting will be extremely consistent at first because we are currently deep into newborn life, but we are going to give it a go! Life is too short not to bare your soul on the internet. 


To start, here are a couple of random images of us I love.

Introductory post to follow.... probably. 


mkp_mera (1 of 1)-9.JPG
mkp_bowen (1 of 4.jpg
mkp_bowen (1 of 3.jpg