E A S T E R  T H I N G S.

With Easter right around the corner I thought it would be fun to put together a little guide of some of our favorite Easter gift ideas. If you are like me and you just realized Easter is almost a week away and you haven't finished your kids baskets (ok even started their baskets yet) then this is for you. 

Item number one... TELLING YOUR KIDS THE REAL MEANING OF EASTER. Keeping Jesus as the center of it all is the most important gift. 


and now for the rest...


B U N N I E S.

I feel like every Easter basket needs a good Bunny rabbit. For Bowen's first Easter we got him the Jellycat bunny that is now his "Bun" and it basically hasn't left his side since (if you haven't checked out #bowenandbun on instagram, get to it. All the feels up in that hashtag). We also LOVE any and all Hazel Village animals. They are the most precious little animals that come in adorable tiny outfits and if that isn't enough you can also opt to have your child's name stitched OVER THIER HEART. Bowen has several of these guys and this year Mera is getting two of them in her basket. The "Zoe Rabbit" as well as the "Catalina Mouse". The mouse specifically since Mera makes those sweet newborn noises that sound mostly like little squeaks and we've dubbed her "little mouse" because of it. There are probably a lot of #meraandmouse posts in your near future. 


B O O K S.

We are big on reading at our house and I always try to add a good Easter and/or bunny themed book to our baskets each year. This is also a great opportunity to give your little one their first bible, so special and sweet. 



We always add a few more small toys or accessory items in there that are geared towards them specifically, for example this year Bowen is getting a set of blocks that build into dinosaurs (linked the exact ones) and Mera will be getting some baby toys. You can theme them up as well, i've linked a few cute extras below!


B A S K E T S  A N D  E G G S.

Because I actually found some easter eggs that are not the usual obnoxious-plastic-neon brightly colored ones for hunts (and storing the other important Easter item.... CANDY) and you need a place to put it all. 


H A P P Y  E A S T E R!